The Amazing Preschool Tablet for Smarter Kids

Content and Tablet in one Beautiful Learning Experience

Holistic Learning with Blended Age Specific Activities for your Child

Make your Child Smarter with Puzzles, MindTeasers and Lateral thinking games

Parental Controls, Reports and Guided Learning path for Complete Peace of mind

Tablets and Learning

When your child plays, their mind opens to learn in new and exciting ways. That’s why our activities engage kids, encourage questions, foster curiosity and support critical thinking—all while building confidence and understanding. Tablets, paired with well-developed content, can be great vehicles for learning, and not just technology skills. Educational games and activities give kids exciting ways to practice adding and subtracting, reading and writing, and more important skills for school. Rewards are often built right in—the only way to advance to the next level, or to unlock the next one, is to master the challenges in the level you’re on.

Designed for your Child

The Wee tablet has been designed to give your child an all-rounded exposure to ensure multiple skill development. It aims at inculcating reading, musical, mathematical, analytical and technology skills to give your child the smart edge. The Unique Wee tablet models give access to loads of content * Library of 1000+ activities including Language Math and science subjects. * Pre-installed custom apps developed specially to boost your child’s learning abilities * An exciting collection of kid’s age-suitable games.

Educational Content

Assessments are fun and engaging activities from which we can ascertain how well a child has understood the concepts taught. Content in the WEE tablet progresses from elementary concepts to increasing levels of difficulty. It is important not to miss out on any of these stages as the contents have been carefully planned to lead your child to excellence. We are dedicated to developing a product that is easy to use and entertaining. The WEE teaches and reviews essential kindergarten curriculum through a variety of exercises, educational games, entertaining puzzles, and more. The easy-to-use WEE encourages children to explore important kindergarten learning objectives through activities that integrate language, arts, math, science and social studies.

Safety Baked In

Safety of your child is of paramount importance and it is inherently built into the Unique Wee Tablet

  • Kids safe content with no popups and third party ads.
  • Content has built in eye exercises to reduce strain and exercise the eye
  • Exercises improve the reading speed.
  • Solid Grade cover protects the Wee tablet from drops and spills.
  • IPS screen reduces strains on the eyes

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